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Benefits Information For Emeriti

Many of the items you will find within this section are available upon request or online. Phone the CAPE office (255-6608) or email: to have materials sent directly to you through campus mail. Click on a section of the menu to the right to see benefit information.

Taken from the University Faculty Handbook, a comprehensive list of the benefits available can be found in The University Policies for Emeritus Faculty.

Perquisites & Privileges is drawn from the seventh edition of the Faculty Handbook (2002) supplemented by independent consultation with various offices responsible for implementing university policy. The most relevant portion of the Faculty Handbook is Section 4.2, which includes extracts from the Provost's Policy Statement on the Transition of Faculty to Emeritus Status of 1998.

CAPE is responsible for preparing and distributing this brochure. It is not an official university publication and its statements of policy are not legally binding, and the policies are subject to change. Members of the academic staff who have retired or are considering retirement are urged to consult the websites maintained by CAPE and the Dean of the Faculty, as well as their department heads and University Benefit Services for further information.