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CAPE Volunteer Opportunities

We strive to provide a diverse roster of volunteer opportunities for our members. We are proud of the volunteer involvement we have! Listed below is a sampling of the available volunteer opportunities for CAPE members. Many more notices are distributed regularly on our listserve and in our newsletters. If you have questions or would like additional information on any of the activities or if you have opportunities to share, please call the CAPE office at 255-6608 or send an email to

The Cornell Prison Program is dedicated to supporting incarcerated persons’ academic ambitions and preparation for successful re-entry. We believe that Cornell faculty and student engagement as instructors at correctional facilities manifests Ezra Cornell’s commitment to founding an institution where “any person can find instruction in any study.”

Health Careers Evaluation Committee is comprised of faculty and senior staff who assist students applying to medical schools. Committee members conduct informed interviews with the students during the spring semester. Subsequent to the interview, a letter of evaluation for each student is provided to the HCEC chairman. The medical school admissions committees rely heavily on the insights provided by this evaluation. This popular program provides a meaningful way to maintain contact with students. Please contact Fran Kallfelz 3-3031, HCEC Chairman, 255-5045 if you are interested.





Additional Volunteer Opportunities


Many More Opportunities Exist! Tompkins County Library *Commencement * Literacy Tutoring * Museum of the Earth * FISH * Einauldi Center * more opportunties are available - contact the CAPE Office.