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CAPE - An Overview

The Executive Council meets monthly to conduct business on behalf of the Cornell Association of Professors Emeriti (CAPE).

The CAPE Office is located on the second floor of Day Hall in room 229.

CAPE has representatives on various University committees, including the University Benefits Committee, the University Faculty Senate, and the Cornell Retirees Association, to name a few. CAPE hosts a lecture series each semester. Check back soon for information regarding the lecture series. In cooperation with Mann Library staff, CAPE offers computer workshops. Information about the lecture series and computer courses is posted on this website or can be obtained by calling the CAPE office.

CAPE has many connections throughout Cornell and locally, as well, providing volunteer support in many areas, such as the Health Careers Evaluation Committee is a group of faculty and senior staff that assists students who are applying to medical schools. Committee members conduct informed interviews with the students and provide a letter of evaluation for each student to the HCEC chairman. Professor Emeritus Fran Kallfelz chairs the committee. CAPE also supports faculty projects, such as the Histories and Biographies Project.